Are OMEGA watches shock-resistant?

Yes. All OMEGA watches are tested according to the official NIHS (Industrial Normes of the Swiss Watchmaking Industry) and the internal norms of Swatch Group.

Just what is the distinction between a chronograph as well as a chronometer?

A chronograph is a watch with hands that present hours, mins and also seconds, together with a device for gauging elapsed time using a central chronograph hand, which tapes seconds, as well as totalizers for the minutes as well as hours (not necessary).

A chronometer is a watch whose activity has obtained the first rate certificate from the COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) after having crossed accuracy tests in various settings and at different temperature levels. These examinations are performed over a 15-day duration.

What is “Astron”?

"ASTRON" is the world's initial analog GPS solar watch, capable of accurately displaying the moment at today location throughout the world. GPS signals from the international network of GPS satellites adjust ASTRON to the local time area at the touch of a switch.

 What is “Grand Seiko”?

 "Grand Seiko" is a luxury brand that grants watches made by master artisans in Seiko's two different watchmaking studios, making use of various activities and the highest grade products. Each Grand Seiko watch is instantly identifiable as a result of its simplicity of kind as well as its understated style. From the very first Grand Seiko watches in 1960 to the most up to date stock of today, every Grand Seiko has yielded the functional charm and also style pureness that has always been its characteristic. Grand Seiko is, put simply, the very best of Seiko.

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